Municipal Two Bag System

2 BAG B.png

At Henque Waste, we strive to keep the environment clean through our wide range of services. Our Municipal 2-Bag System was designed to simplify the recycling process for residents in the Hessequa and Mossel Bay Municipal Districts.

WHO can participate?

All residents, businesses and visitors to the Hessequa area.

WHEN can we recycle?

Your existing refuse collection day is your Recycling Day. A blue plastic bag will be provided FREE of charge, attached to your gate or post box in exchange for your full bag of Recyclables. As simple as that!

WHAT can be recycled?

  • All paper, cardboard, magazines, etc.

  • Glass bottles and containers (regret no drinking glasses or window glass)

  • Alluminium cooldrink cans and food tin cans (food tins rinsed if possible)

  • All soft and hard plastic bags, bottles and containers, etc.

  • Tetrapack (juice & milk cartons)

HOW does it work?


Simply put all your recyclable material in the blue bags provided. (If required, additional bags are freely available from Henque Waste at the contact number provided)

Step 2:

Once full, place the bag on the verge outside your home together with your bag of non-recyclables (landfill bag) every week. Please try to fill the bag. You don’t have to put out recyclables every week if you do not generate a full bag weekly.

Step 3:

Henque Waste and the Municipality will do the rest. On refuse collection day, your garbage will be collected by the Municipality and your bag of recyclables will be collected by Henque Waste and taken to our Materials Recycling Facility (MRF).

It’s so SIMPLE!

The Hessequa, Bergrivier and Mossel Bay Municipalities is offering all its residents the opportunity to RECYCLE their garbage at home and at work.

THANK YOU to all residents and businesses who already use the 2-Bag System. Together we achieve so much more in contributing to making this world a cleaner place.

For more tips on Recycling, check out our Recycling 101 page.